Vesalius3D PluraView

Experience 3D Stereo in the highest resolution combined with our unprecedented 3D navigation

The Vesalius3D PluraView promises extremely comfortable, precise and pixel-accurate image analysis in the highest resolution of up to 2x 4K resolution and a color depth of up to 10Bit per RGB. It allows users to work effortless in all 3D-Stereo-Applications.

Each Vesalius3D PluraView consists of two screens. This means that every user’s eye has a separate display and thus a separate image in full resolution and brilliant brightness. The image separation over the centrally mounted Beamsplitter mirror happens flicker-free through a passive polarizing filter. This makes the monitor suitable for regular, permanent work.

Together with Vesalius3D and an integrated PST Pico optical tracker this workstation provides 3D medical imaging in the easiest way possible and the highest quality imaginable.


  • Resolutions up to 4K
  • Flicker free for professional continuous use
  • Highest Brightness – Daylight suitable
  • Complete tool for visualization, analysis and optimization of complex medical data
  • Two handed interaction
  • Complete with Vesalius3D, the toolkit for intuitive 3D medical image analysis and presentation
  • Interaction with the visualization is optimal