Vesalius3D C-Station


  • Complete tool for visualization, analysis and optimization of complex medical data.
  • Two handed interaction
  • Complete with Vesalius3D, the toolkit for intuitive 3D medical image analysis and presentation
  • Connectable to create a shared workspace a continent apart
  • Interaction where the visualization is optimal
  • Optimized viewing zone of a 3D display
  • Unobstructed view while touching the data

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A different workstation – the Vesalius3D C-station™

The amount of 3D and 4D volumetric images is exploding. The Vesalius3D C-station was developed to create a true lifelike experience. It differs fundamentally from the current desktop workstations.

The Vesalius3D C-Station provides a solution to deal with the challenge of analyzing this data effectively and efficiently. The Vesalius3D C-Station combines all the hardware and software to provide the industry with a turnkey solution.

We believe the Vesalius3D C-station will help you to see more, see better, show and discuss results and collaborate over great distances.