Vesalius3D Stereo Workstations

Our workstations create a true lifelike experience using Vesalius3D.

We provide a turn key solution to deal with the challenge of analyzing volumetric medical data effectively and efficiently.

The Vesalius3D C-Station, Vesalius3D PluraView and Vesalius3D zSpace will help you to see more, see better, and improve your patient discussions at team meetings and with large audiences at conferences.

Vesalius3D C-Station Vesalius3D PluraView Vesalius3D zSpace

Benefits of a Vesalius3D Stereo Workstation:

  • Stereo visualization brings you depth and with this reveals the structural information. You will immediately see if a tissue is in front or behind other tissues, making the understanding of the data much faster.
  • Interaction. Grab and position the data with one hand while using the other hand for tool operation*. To navigate to the right point of view becomes as easy as picking up an apple and slicing it.
  • Seamless integration of 2D and 3D: Presenting the images in both 2D and 3D allow medical specialists to quickly understand the data and their patients problem. 2D and 3D controllers can be used. It is just a matter of preference.

The results are just amazing:

  • Faster and better insight
  • Less mistakes
  • Changed operation planning
  • Better trained, prepared staff

* 2-handed interaction is only available for the Vesalius3D C-Station and the Vesalius3D PluraView