Ongoing projects:

Basis Navigator:

During minimal invasive procedures it is essential to know where an instrument is. It is also important to relate this location to preoperative and intraoperative images. In the Basis Navigator the 3D navigation is core while the (3D) visualization technology is the supporting technology.

PS-Medtech focuses on those navigators where a live image is available. The surgical decision is performed based on the ‘live’ image.

The Basis Navigator is a software and hardware platform. The hardware components are sourced in and can be substituted. The Basis Navigator is a combination of tracking instruments and images which provide guidance where the instruments are inside the body. Information about the locations, such as preoperative images and direction is provided and registered. The Basis Navigator is a set of technology modules that can be combined and customized for specific navigators and simulators.

Expected first release in Q2, 2016.

Old projects:

HIGH PROFILE is an EU funded project that aims to develop multi-scale, adaptive algorithms to merge information about the actual behavior of the brain, originating from MRI, MRS, and EEG.
These algorithms allow a physician to follow the status of the patient during his/her evolution, and be supported by a suitable content management platform and a data infrastructure capable of handling the massive quantities of data produced by these technologies, delivering them to their point of use.

Main role in the project:
Two image processing chains come into play in the products of PS-Medtech. First, the processing of medical image data for visualisation and analysis. Second, the processing of images from optical systems form the basis for the 3D motion tracking systems developed by PS-Medtech. Extensive knowledge and experience in both chains is available. PS-Medtech’s main contribution is in applying the objectives and results of the proposal in the development and application cycle of its products, creating demonstrators of the viability, validity, and feasibility of the tools and techniques to be developed.

BOEM Project PS-Medtech and the Academic hospital in Utrecht UMCU received an economic development grant to develop a tracking based navigator to improve minimal invasive surgery procedures.