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March 2020, new dates for EVC 2020 confirmed

As posted previously, the European Vascular Course (EVC) 2020 in Maastricht, the Netherlands, was cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

This event was scheduled to take place from March 22-24 but will now take place from June 21-23, 2020. Vesalius3D demonstrations and training courses will be given as planned.

Please visit us at booth 18 at the Trajectum and sign up for one of our courses in Training Suite 30 through this link:

Previous News

March 2020, postponements for ECR and EVC congresses

Unfortunately, we have to inform you that, both the ECR congress in Vienna (Austria) and the EVC congress in Maastricht (the Netherlands) will be postponed due to the COVID-19 virus.

The European Congress of Radiology (ECR), which should normally have been held from March 11-14, will now take place from July 15-19. Vesalius3D will be used by WIDE in order to demonstrate their medical screens.

The European Vascular Course (EVC), which should have taken place from March 22-24, has been postponed until further notice. The EVC is the largest MedTech training course for vascular and cardiovascular specialists. During this congress Vesalius3D demonstrations and training courses will be given.

February 2020, Vesalius3D on

Vesalius3D now on

MedicalExpo is an online medical exhibition for manufacturers and distributors of medical products. Vesalius3D and PS-Medtech products can be found through our virtual stand at, so check it out here.

February 2020, Vesalius3D at the EVC 2020

Vesalius3D will be attending the European Vascular Course 2020 (EVC)

The EVC is the largest MedTech classified training course for vascular and cardiovascular specialists. It will take place from March 22 to March 24 in the MECC in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

We invite you to visit our booth (Trajectum, no. 18).

You can also join our training courses on:

Sunday, March 22

11:00 – 13:00, Training Suite 30

14:00 – 16:00, 14 – Expo Foyer

Monday, March 23

10:00 – 12:00, Training Suite 30

14:00 – 16:00, Training Suite 30

February 2020, Vesalius3D in Healthcare Platforms

Vesalius3D in Healthcare Platforms

We offer services for integrating Vesalius3D in Electronic Medical Records (EMR) / Electronic Health Records (EHR) solutions.

In the summer of 2020 patients in the Netherlands will have direct access to their data via a PGO (Patient-Related Environment). Several PGO providers are including Vesalius3D into their solution.

Currently we are working with Asterisque to provide Vesalius3D components through their EMR.

January, 2020, Vesalius3D at BETT

Vesalius3D at the BETT conference, London

Dimenco will use Vesalius3D on their autostereoscopic displays during the BETT conference in London between 22nd and 25th of January.

The BETT conference is the global meeting place for education buyers where over 800 leading companies and over 34.000 visitors coming from 146 countries create a better future by transforming education. The combination of Vesalius3D and a Dimenco’s 3D autostereoscopic screen result in a powerful lifelike solution for medical visualization. We invite you to check it out.

The main goal of the conference is to gather the global education community, find inspiration and see how technology and innovation enables teachers and learners to thrive.

Visit Dimenco’s booth (jp.ik stand) at North Gallery suite 12-13.

BETT conference takes place at ExCeL London, Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, London E16 1XL, United Kingdom.

Wednesday 22nd January: 10:00 – 18:00

Thursday 23rd January: 10:00 – 18:00

Friday 24th January: 10:00 – 18:00

Saturday 25th January: 10:00 – 15:00

December, 2019, Vesalius3D 2.8.0 is out now...

Vesalius3D 2.8.0 is out now!

Vesalius3D 2.8.0 has been released this week. Focus has been on workflow and even more ease of use.

Some of the improvements:

  • Optimized the extraction workflow. Introduction of Scissors!
  • Improved data management functionalities
  • Enhanced 3D navigation

And more…

Check out some new movies about this release here

December, 2019, Vesalius3D 2.8.0 will be released soon...

We have improved the extraction workflow by introducing a new member to the Vesalius3D Extractions Toolkit: Scissors.

Create extractions fast and accurately by simply drawing an area around the structures you want to keep or delete.

December 1 - December 6, 2019, Vesalius3D on the RSNA

Vesalius3D will be presented on the latest Autostereoscopic 3D screens from Barco during the RSNA (Radiological Society of North America) meeting in Chicago.

RSNA takes place at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois, December 1 – December 6, 2019.

Visit the Barco stand @ South Hall Level 3 – 1329.

RSNA website

June 17, 2019, Release of Vesalius3D 2.7.0

Vesalius3D 2.7.0 has been released!

Read all about it on our improved website

Vesalius3D 2.7.0 has also already been shown to the public at Virtual Revolution 2019, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

March 10 - March 12, 2019, The 23rd European Vascular Course

From March 10 to March 12 Vesalius3D will be at the European Vascular Course.

Vesalius3D is assisting Dr. Natour (Cardiothoracic surgeon at MUMC+) during the cardiovascular training courses at the European Vascular Course in Maastricht, The Netherlands. During these sessions Vesalius3D will provide the necessary 3D visualizations.

Check out the website

January, 2019, New service with Vesalius3D

Assistance required? Let our Vesalius3D experts help you!!

Do you have specific questions or need more assistance with Vesalius3D, we will be very happy to support you. Free of charge.

Do you want our Vesalius3D team to have a close look at your data? Please let us know. In order to provide you with the best possible assistance, we encourage you to anonymize* the dataset, describe the problem and send it to us using WeTransfer. We’ll contact you shortly by telephone, Skype or email to further assist you.

Interested? Please contact us here.

*Data procedure: When PS-Medtech receives data this data is first anonymized in house and the source is deleted. The anonymized data is further used for analysis in Vesalius3D. Your data will remain your property.

November, 2018, NEW release Vesalius3D 2.6.0

Vesalius3D 2.6.0 has been released!











Key elements:

  • Dark user interface better focus
  • Extended help functionality with manuals, instruction videos, FAQ’s and Keyboard controls
  • Pre-defined visualizations for all datasets
  • Extended functionality in less clicks

Please visit our website for more information and downloads.

March 4 - March 6, 2018, The 22nd European Vascular Course

From March 4 to March 6 PS-Medtech will be at the European Vascular Course.

This three-day international congress will take place at the MECC in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

We will also take part in the ‘Special Event’ on Monday, March 5. During this 3D event the complete surgical procedure of a patient with severe occlusive disease of all supra-aortic arteries is explaind. In the first part of the session Vesalius3D is used onstage to show how the preoperative planning was done.

February 8 - February 10, 2018, The 5th ‘Utrecht Sessions’ for Congenital Heart Disease

From February 8 to February 10 PS-Medtech will be at the ‘The Utrecht Sessions’ for Congenital Heart Disease.

The 5th editon of this two-day International Symposium will take place at the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital/UMC Utrecht in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Focus of the sessions will be on current imaging and management standards of patients with Transposition of the Great Arteries, ranging from D-Transposition and L-Transposition, to complex congenital lesions including Taussig-Bing anomaly, from fetus until adulthood.

January 12 - January 13, 2018, PS-Medtech at the Cardiosurgical Meeting Gdansk

From January 12 to January 13 PS-Medtech will be at the Cariosurgical Meeting in Gdansk, Poland.

This anniversary meeting with 400 participants will be held in the European Centre of Solidarity.

Download the program here.

November, 2017, NEW release Vesalius3D 2.3.0

A new and greatly improved version of Vesalius3D has been released!

New features :

    • Masking FunctionalityFast extractions of complex structures

    • High Resolution LightingPower button for even higher resolution and clearer images

    • Volume Measurement

Our new masking technology guides you through fast extractions of patient specific anatomical structures.

Please contact us for more information.

October 5 - October 7, 2017, PS-Medtech at opening Marbella Lyme Clinic

From October 5 – October 7, PS-Medtech is at the opening of the Marbella Lyme Clinic in Estepona, Spain.

This clinic will be using Vesalius3D in their workflow.

Read the article below to get an impression of that day.

June 28 - July 1, 2017, PS-Medtech is attending CSI in Germany

From June 28 – July 1, PS-Medtech is attending the CSI congress in Frankfurt.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

May 15-18, 2017, C-Station with Vesalius3D Medical is shown at the CMEF in Shanghai

From May 15-18, a C-Station equipped with Vesalius3D Medical is shown at the China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) in Shanghai.

May 8th, 2017, Vesalius3D demonstrations at the Zuyderland hospital in Sittard

On Monday May 8th 30-45 minute demosessions will be given at the Zuyderland hospital in Sittard.
During these sessions the attendees are given an extensive view of Vesalius3D.
Location :
K&E B side (Kennis & Expertise centrum) near West 12
Room B2
For more information and registration :

April, 2017, Software release Vesalius3D, new version now available

We are proud to announce that a brand new version of Vesalius3D is ready for shipping!

After months of hard work Vesalius3D came out better than before. Besides the usual bugfixes we also implemented some new features like :

  • 2D Oblique planes
  • First world perspective

The user interface has been improved greatly. All menus were simplified while functionality was increased. We have enhanced the search functionality of the library and upgraded the entire platform of Vesalius3D.

Altogether Vesalius3D has become more userfriendly, more powerfull and ready for the future!

Please contact us for your update.

March 22-24, 2017, PS-Tech will be attending the 19th Laval Virtual conference in Laval, France

Laval Virtual is one of the most important events in Europe showcasing innovations and new technologies. Virtual reality and augmented reality are the core to the show.

At Laval Virtual, we will showcase our tracking systems and the integration of our tracking system in a medical workstation.

We will further join a round table about Virtual Reality and Immersive Technologies for Health Professionals. In the last few years, the health sector has seized many technologies to assist professionals in their gestures, training, diagnostics, etc. Can we measure the effectiveness of these technologies? Are they already obvious in certain sectors? This round table will address user cases and user feedback.

Looking forward to seeing you at Laval Virtual 2017, booth A9!!

Laval Virtual

March 5-7, 2017, PS-Medtech participates in European Vascular Course in Maastricht the Netherlands

PS-Medtech will give Hands-on Training sessions using OEM independent data from CT, MRI and Ultrasound. 2D, 3D and 4D data from MRI, CT and Ultrasound are transferred to PS-Medtech’s award winning 3D imaging station, C-Station™. C-Stations will be available for the participants to hold the data in their own hands , allowing 3D visualization of all vascular structures and planning of open and endovascular procedures in a hyper accurate way. Experience a new dimension in interventional planning.

Please contact us if you want to participate in the training sessions.

January 26, 2017, PS-Medtech participates in 4th 'Utrecht Sessions' for Congenital Heart Disease'

On January 26th-28th 2017 the symposium on Congenital Heart Disease will take place at the Wilhelmina Childrens Hospital/UMC Utrecht in Utrecht, The Netherlands. PS-Medtech will show its C-Station with its medically certified software application Vesalius3D ® Medical 2016.

The presented state of the art visualization combined with natural intuitive interaction enables professionals to perform a better, more efficient pre op planning resulting in better patient outcome and less time spent in the operating theatre.

Please contact us if you want to schedule your personal demo.

August 6 2016, PS-Medtech in the media

MUMC in the news with innovative heart surgery using PS-Medtech’s C-Station in preoperative planning.

Read the full article: PS-Medtech in the media

June 1 2016, PS-Medtech in the media

De Limburger features an interview with PS-Medtech. Learn about our products by reading the article.

Read the full article: PS-Medtech in the media

May 23 2016, PS-Medtech will participate in the Biomedica 2016 summit

PS-Medtech will participate in Biomedica 2016, the European Life Sciences Summit. The event will take place in Aachen, Germany, on May 30th and 31st.

In its 10th edition, Biomedica will gather again health care representatives, investors, politicians and government officials.

PS-Medtech will join the event together with Brightlands. Visitors will have the chance to experience our 3D visualization tool Vesalius3D and the 3D workstation C-Station. They will also learn more about our latest developments: 3D printing of medical images and the 3D video collaboration suite.

We hope to meet you at Biomedica 2016.

PSMedtech in Biomedica 2016

May 13 2016, PS-Medtech will participate in the Euro PCR 2016 (Paris)

PS-Medtech will participate in the Euro PCR 2016, the world-leading course in interventional cardiovascular medicine. The event will take place in Paris, from May 16th until May 20th.

The mission of PCR is to serve the needs of each individual patient by helping the cardiovascular community to share knowledge, experience and practice.

PS-Medtech’s C-Station™ in combination with Vesalius3D™ is used by cardiovascular specialists to enhance their analyses and get a clear understanding of the patients’ cases. PS-Medtech will bring a complete C-Station setup to the event, and people attending the conference will have the chance to visualize and interact with medical images of different modalities in 3D.

Meet us in the JenaValve Technology booth (M63).

March 28 2016, PS-Medtech workshops during the European Vascular Course 2016

As part of the European Vascular Course 2016, PS-Medtech ran several workshops during the event. Participants visualized and interacted with CT scans and ultrasound 3D images of real patients with aortic aneurysms and aortic coarctations. The aim of the workshops was to let medical professionals experience how intuitive and easy it is working with the C-Station™ and Vesalius3D™.

PS-Medtech in the European Vascular Course 2016

Within minutes, medical professionals were capable of flying through medical data, changing visualization settings and measuring regions of interest in 3D. They could also try our new 3D printing functionality. Medical professionals were also invited to bring their own medical data to the workshops.

PS-Medtech in the European Vascular Course 2016

PS-Medtech is already looking forward to the European Vascular Course 2017.

March 4 2016, PS-Medtech will participate in the European Vascular Course 2016

PS-Medtech will participate in the European Vascular Course (EVC) 2016, which this year will take place in Maastricht, between March 6th and March 8th. The main goal of EVC is to provide theoretical and practical education offering participants the most recent knowledge on arterial, venous and vascular access subjects. With around 2000 participants, the EVC is a good opportunity for PS-Medtech to showcase our innovative medical technology.

PS-Medtech will bring four complete C-Station™ setups. Three of those C-Stations will be used by the participants of the several workshops we will run during the EVC (check our blog post). The fourth C-Station will be placed at our booth, so that all the participants in the EVC can visualize and interact with medial images of different modalities in 3D.

You can read here the press release written by the Maastricht University Hospital about the EVC.

We hope to see you during the EVC.

February 15 2016, PS-Medtech participates in Echocardiography course organized by the Hartcentrum HagaZiekenhuis

PS-Medtech participated in the 21st Echocardiography course organized by the Hartcentrum HagaZiekenhuis. The event took place in The Hague, on February 4 and 5, 2016.

The symposium consisted in an ultrasound course with presentations and interactive sessions, in which real cases were studied. The 3D sessions were hosted by Dr. Steven Chamuleau and Dr. Folkert Meijboom.

PS-Medtech brought three complete C-Station™ setups to the event. The systems were used to analyse ultrasound images in 3D. Using Vesalius3D software, the ultrasound 2D images are transformed into accurate 3D datasets that allow a better understanding of the data and therefore better decisions are reached faster.

Besides ultrasound images, the C-Station is capable of efficiently working with any other medical image modality such as CT scans or MRI’s. Different examples were shown during the symposium.

January 11 2016 , PS-Medtech will participate in the 2016 ISE show

PS-Medtech is pleased to announce that we will participate in the 2016 Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) show. The event will take place in Amsterdam, between February 9th and February 12th.

The ISE show is seen as a major launch-pad for manufacturers and service providers to propel new products and solutions into the AV and systems integration marketplace.

People attending the event will have the chance to experience our 3D visualization tool Vesalius3D and the 3D workstation C-Station.

PS-Medtech will also show the latest technology: the 3D Video Collaboration Suite. 3D Video Collaboration is the ability to share and interact with high-quality 3D images between multiple locations.

We will show 3D Video Collaboration using the C-Station in the Huawei booth (9-C115) with our partner Mainport.

We hope to see you there.

January 4 2016 , PS-Medtech will participate in the 2nd Mitral Valve Meeting

PS-Medtech will participate in the 2nd Mitral Valve Meeting, which this year will take place in Zurich, Switzerland, between 14th and 16th February.

Our 3D workstations combined with Vesalius3D have been proved to be a valuable tool to enhance medical professionals’ analyses, which results in better surgery outcomes.

People attending the Mitral Valve Meeting will have the chance to experience our 3D visualization tool Vesalius3D and the 3D workstation C-Station.

We hope to see you there.

December 9 2015 , PS-Medtech will participate in The Society of the Thoracic Surgeons Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, USA

PS-Medtech will participate in the annual meeting of The Society of the Thoracic Surgeons. This event will take place between January 23rd and 26th, 2016.

The mission of The Society of the Thoracic Surgeons is to “provide a forum for reporting results of scientific research and for updating information in the disciplines of cardiovascular, general thoracic and congenital heart surgery”.

Our medical volumetric imaging tool Vesalius3D™is used by thoracic surgeons to enhance their analyses and get a clear understanding of the patients’ cases.

PS-Medtech will bring its 3D workstation, C-Station™ to the event, and will demonstrate usefulness of 2D and 3D volumetric images in one workstation.

Looking forward to meeting you there.

November 4 2015 , November agenda

November 12

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands will perform the opening of three innovative operating theatres in the Medical Innovation and Technology Expert Centre (MITeC) of the Radboud University of Nijmegen on November 12, 2015.

PS-Medtech supports the professionals of the Radboud University with their ongoing technology developments and we will demonstrate our 3D virtual reality workstation C-Station together with our medical imaging tool Vesalius3D.

Koningin Máxima opent innovatieve operatiekamers Radboudumc

November 13

PS-Medtech will participate in the autumn meeting of the Dutch Association for Thoracic Surgery (NVT in Dutch).

Our 3D virtual reality workstation C-Station together with our medical imaging tool Vesalius3D will be on display in the conference.

Our systems are used to understand better thoracic diseases and to assist our users with their procedure planning.

We hope to see you there.

November 2 2015 , New video on the C-Station & Vesalius3D

The 3D workstation C-Station and the medical imaging application Vesalius3D make the perfect combination to enhance your analysis and interaction with medical data in 3D. The C-Station brings a true lifelike experience to your desktop and is specially designed to use Vesalius3D. The video below shows the main features of the C-Station working with Vesalius3D. For further information please contact us at

October 30 2015 , PS-Medtech in the media

The October/November ZUID magazine is out and features an interview with PS-Medtech. The article elaborates on PS-Medtech’s technology and future plans. Please find the original article below. For further information please contact us at ZUID magazine okt/nov 2015

October 22 2015 , Video: Plan your procedures with Vesalius3D

PS-Medtech released a new video on Vesalius3D. This video shows how complex procedures can be planned with our medical visualization tool Vesalius3D.

A lung lobectomy planning is taken as an example, and the video goes through the consecutive planning steps.

For further information or to place an order, please contact us at

Enjoy the video.

October 9 2015 , New Vesalius3D video released

PS-Medtech released a new video about Vesalius3D, our 3D visualization and interaction tool.

This video shows the basic features of Vesalius3D. See how easy it is to move, rotate, crop and analyse medical images from any modality in 3D. Vesalius3D is used by our customers to plan procedures, explain data and discuss with colleagues.

New videos on particular Vesalius3D features will be available soon.

We are available for demos in our offices in Amsterdam and Maastricht.

For further information or to place and order, please contact us at

Enjoy the video!

September 24 2015 , PS-Medtech will participate in the 2015 EACTS Annual Meeting in Amsterdam

PS-Medtech is pleased to announce that we will participate in the European Association for Cardio Thoracic Surgery (EACTS) annual meeting, which this year will take place in Amsterdam.

The mission of the EACTS is to “advance education in the field of cardiac, thoracic and vascular interventions; and promote research into cardiovascular and thoracic physiology, pathology and therapy, with the aim to correlate and disseminate the results for the public benefit.”

Our systems are perfectly suitable for cardiology purposes and are being used by more and more cardiologists both to plan and prepare surgeries and to analyse their surgery results.

People attending the EACTS meeting will have the chance to experience our 3D visualization system Vesalius3D and the 3D workstation C-Station.

We hope to see you there.

September 10 2015 , PS-Medtech participates in the Social Robotics Pop-Up Lab in Amsterdam

PS-Medtech participated in the Social Robotics Pop-Up Lab in Amsterdam.

More than 100 specialists in robotics experienced Vesalius3D and our PSS 3D workstation. We showed Dave, our “talking CT scan” project, designed for educational purposes.

Afterwards we attended presentations of projects in which robots are being used to solve problems in different industries.

More information on Dave project will be available soon.








July 14 2015, PS-Medtech demonstrated the remote collaboration C-Station in the Huawei exhibition center in Amstelveen (The Netherlands)

PS-Medtech demonstrated at the Huawei Exhibition Center in Amstelveen.

A demo was provided showing remote collaboration between multiple C-Stations located in Amstelveen and a remote location.

The participants afterwards enjoyed a demo of the medical application Vesalius3D in our 3D workstation C-Station.

PS-Medtech’s expertise in 3D Visualization combined with the best of breed in videoconferencing technology allows medical specialists to remotely discuss patients in 3D

More information on this project and commercial availability will follow soon. Stay tuned.


June 13 2015, PS-Medtech shows Vesalius3D in the Live Chirurgie in 3D Symposium in the OLV in Aalst, Belgium

Medical specialists during the symposiumPS-Medtech was invited to the Live Chirurgie in 3D Symposium in the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwziekenhuis (OLV) in Aalst, Belgium.


170 medical specialists were able to experience Vesalius3D, our intuitive software for visualization and interaction with volumetric medical imaging, and the C-station in an auditorium setting.


During an image-guided mitral valve minimally invasive surgery and a pneumonectomy (lung tumour removal), PS-Medtech demonstrated live both the intuitive visualization of preoperative images using Vesalius3D in the C-station and the new 3D Printing module.

June 5 2015, New project approved

PS-Tech was recently informed that our ITEA3 3DPathology Project was approved and ranked first.


The 3DPathology project will address current high-demands related to pathology imaging by creating a – fast, digital, quantitative, spectroscopic, and multi-modal – 3D pathology analysis system.


PS-Tech will provide their expertise in image segmentation, 3D visualization and interaction technologies.

June 1 2015, New office opened in Maastricht, The Netherlands

PS-Medtech opened a new office in the European Medical Training Center (EMTRAC) in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

We are available to show demos of our different products. Please contact us at for further information.



June 1, 2015: PS-Medtech participates in the Live Chirurgie in 3D symposium in Aalst, Belgium

PS-Medtech will participate in the Live Chirurgie in 3D Symposium at the OLV Ziekenhuis in Aalst, Belgium, on Saturday June 13. Demos of the C-Station with the Vesalius3D software will be available.

May 6, 2015: PS-Medtech releases its 3D printing module at Amsterdam Economic Board meeting in Amsterdam; 3D printing in medicine

PS-Medtech showed its 3D printing module to the general public the first time at this conference. The 3D printing module was developed in close cooperation with the Cardio department at the LUMC in leiden.

More information on this new module will follow soon.




April 26-29, 2015: PS-Medtech participated in Charing Cross 2015 symposium in London

PS-Medtech participated in CX 2015 by showing its C-Station with the volumetric medical imaging application Vesalius3D on the Medtronic stand. We thank Medtronic for providing us with this opportunity.

May 31, 2013 PS-Tech’s Personal Space Station is featured in Bits & Chips

31 May 2013, Eindhoven, The Netherlands PS-Tech’s Personal Space Station is featured in Bits & Chips.

The article addresses how the Fontys Hogeschool Eindhoven uses Virtual Reality to solve various issues in the medical and technical fields. (Original article in Dutch)

“In our lab we use the PSS for VR projects where 3D objects need to be investigated and examined accurately. The PSS is a desktop VR workstation developed by the Amsterdam based company PS-Tech. As a user you hold 2 specially designed objects with markers. Because your hands are behind a mirror you do not see it, instead you see a virtual object in the mirror– for example a scanned antique vase – exactly at the place and with the orientation of the physical object. Thus, the virtual object in the mirror moves exactly the same way as the physical object. Visually it seems like you have it in your hands and you are reviewing the object, analyze and present it in an intuitive manner. The two-handed 3D interaction combined with the use of mouse and keyboard gives a natural, simple and highly effective way of interacting with 3D data sets. We could even examine medical volumetric datasets in the same way.”

March 22, 2013: PS-Tech - founding member of Dutch Health Hub

Friday, March 22nd, Mayor Annemarie Jorritsma of Almere initiated the founding meeting of the Dutch Health Hub. The Dutch Health Hub is the big data services platform for the health sector. It’s a unique collaboration between health institutions, government, education and knowledge institutions and all major ICT parties.

PS-Tech is a founding member of the Dutch health Hub. For more information, please visit

2012: ‘Best New Technology’ award for PS-Tech

Update: PS-Tech’s C-station winner of the 2012 Accenture Innovation Award for Best New Technology.

PS-Tech is proud to announce that the winner of ‘Best New Technology’ goes to our C-Station!

C-Station featured in Dutch Newspaper

The blue Tulip for AIA2012 winner

2012: Medical C-Station featured in Mol Blog

Arjen Brinkman, the director of PS-Medtech was interviewed by Marketing Online. Read full article here