New in Vesalius3D 2.3.0

High resolution visualization, extraction process, and volume measurement

High Resolution Lighting

A new function allows users to optimize the quality of the image. Right click and select High Resolution Lighting.

High Resolution Lighting OFF High Resolution Lighting ON

High Resolution Lighting makes edges sharper, shows micro structures better and as a result details are better visible.

Extraction and 3D printing – The NEW Extraction module

Example: the extraction of the carotis was done in minutes

Vesalius3D uses an easy step by step workflow for fast, detailed extractions from volumetric data (e.g. MRI, CT, Ultrasound).
Each step produces a mask over the data, which is an image that shows what data is left.
An extraction can be created from the mask in the final step of the workflow.

The Vesalius3D extraction process

  1. Crop: Mask using cropping planes
  2. Threshold: Mask using bandwidth of data
  3. Erase: Mask to isolate the desired parts
  4. Grow Region: Mask to select the part(s) of interest
  5. Create surface: Use Mask to create 3D structure

Additional benefits
The masks for the extractions can be:

  • Reused as starting point for new extractions
  • Combined with other masks (adding and substracting) to define more complex extractions

3D printing
Export extractions as STL for 3D printing.

Volume measurement

Extractions can be measured using the Measurement module of Vesalius3D.

Watch this video on Vimeo