PS-Medtech offers a wide variety of virtual reality configurations based on various 2D and 3D display technologies. The available configurations can be divided in two main categories; Desktop and Multi User VR.

Our PSS and C-Station are desktop systems which feature co-located interaction, intended for use by one person. To allow a group of people in a single room to view and interact with the data together, we offer the combination of large displays and PST trackers.

Combining a multi user setup with a PSS or C-Station is also possible by using the secondary display output to display the data on a large screen, optionally with a PST to enable interaction both inside and outside the desktop system.

Remote Collaboration

To enable people in different locations to efficiently work together on 3D data, it is important to be able to share the same view.

Our remote collaboration options make it possible to let users at two or more different sites participate in shared interactive viewing sessions. For example, a PSS somewhere in Amsterdam can share a session with a C-Station in Paris as well as an auditorium in New York fitted with a 3D projection system.