Merry Christmas and all the best for 2021, December 2020

The holiday season is upon us!

Despite all the difficulties the world faced during 2020, the year has been relatively good to us. We are very pleased with our loyal and new customers and want take this opportunity to thank you for your business.

The new Vesalius3D 2.10.0 was well received in the market. The flexibility offered by the Upgrade Packages and different durations was applauded.

So, from all of us at Vesalius3D and PS-Medtech we thank you very much for your continuous support! Remember the additional 15% discount on the 3-year list prices of the Upgrade Packages is available for orders received prior to December 31, 2020.

Happy Holidays,

The PS-Medtech team

Vesalius3D 2020 Year End Offer, December 2020

December is the month of reflection on the past year. To show our appreciation we want to present our loyal customers with an exclusive offer for the Vesalius3D 3-year Upgrade Packages.

If you order any Upgrade Packages for a 3-year period now, we offer you an additional 15% discount on the 3-year list prices. Check out the Upgrade Packages here:

This offer is valid until December 31, 2020.

Interested or in need of more information? Please feel free to contact us at:

Vesalius3D C-Station Warehouse Stock Clearance Deals, December 2020

Warehouse Stock Clearance Deals!

Are you in need of a 3D workstation with Stereo Visualization? Have you considered purchasing one but until now the price was not right? Currently we are clearing our stock items and are happy to inform you about incredible Warehouse Stock Clearance Deals. On all items in stock 45% discount is offered!

All offers are, of course, under full warranty and service that you are used from us and that you can rely on.

Vesalius3D Workstation: The Vesalius3D C-Station provides a solution to deal with the challenge of analyzing 3D and 4D volumetric data effectively and efficiently. The Vesalius3D C-Station combines all the hardware and software to provide a turnkey solution. Interested in the Vesalius3D C-Station click here.

Please contact us on for more information and pricing. This offer lasts as long as Vesalius3D C-Stations are in stock, so be quick!

Vesalius3D wishes you a happy Thanksgiving, November 2020

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our business partners, associates and customers around the world. We are aware that the year 2020 has been difficult for all of us and therefore we want to wish you a restful and enjoyable holiday! May this holiday season be a time of joy for you and your family, and may the coming months bring you renewed health and happiness.

All the best from the Netherlands, The Vesalius3D team The PS-Tech team

Vesalius3D deployed at UMC Utrecht, August 2020

Vesalius3D has been rolled out for an extensive testing period at the University Medical Centre Utrecht. With the help of Vesalius3D enthusiast Dr. Folkert Meijboom and the UMCU ICT department this has been accomplished. The coming months the user feedback will be analyzed and evaluated for further improvements and ease of use. We wish all new users good results using Vesalius3D.

Vesalius3D update during the corona crisis

Despite all the limitations caused by the corona virus we are still working hard on the development of Vesalius3D. A new software version is in the making.

Information about its release date will follow soon.

Be safe!

Breakthrough in MRI technology

Vesalius3D wants to inform you about a new development in one of our partner hospitals (UMC Utrecht).

Researchers at the UMC Utrecht have developed a new MRI technology called MR-STAT. With MR-Stat patients will, on average, only have to spend 5 minutes in an MRI scanner instead of 25. Having an MRI scan with MR-STAT will be a much more comfortable experience for patients while physicians get more, better information in less time.

MR-STAT can be applied to any existing MRI equipment. This makes its implementation in other hospitals quite easy.

NWO grant for project AIMIRA

NWO grant for project AIMIRA

Project AIMIRA’s grant application has been honored by the NWO Domain (Applied and Engineering Sciences).

With the grant 4 years of research and development regarding Artificial Intelligence techniques within the field of Radiology and Rheumatology have been made possible.

Vesalius3D is supporting project AIMIRA. We congratulate the LUMC team on this achievement.

Vesalius3D at CES 2020!

Integration of Vesalius3D in Surgical Loupe @ CES

An integration of Vesalius3D in I-Med’s Digital Surgical Loupe was demonstrated at the CES conference.

The Digital Surgical Loupe is a Head Mounted Device that enables surgeons perform surgery and have access to Vesalius3D imaging at the same time. Within the surgical loupe, 3D visualization of Vesalius3D is integrated to provide the user with patient specific anatomical information next to the live operation view as seen by the surgeon.

With approximately 200.000 visitors CES is the largest technology fair in the world.

Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2020!

The holiday season is upon us!

For Vesalius3D it has been an exciting year. The focus has been on simplifying the application and getting Vesalius3D more and more into the workflow of professionals in hospitals. Also the introduction of Vesalius3D to students and patients was well received.

We want to thank you for your continuous support and wish you and your family a merry Christmas and all the best for 2020!

Kind regards,

The PS-Medtech team

PS-Medtech and Vesalius3D in the news

PS-Medtech and Vesalius3D are in the news.

Check out the latest SPRINT Newspaper here.

Vesalius3D at the European Congress of Radiology, Vienna

Vesalius3D was used for demonstrating the medical displays from WIDE during the European Congress of Radiology in Vienna.

Thank you for your effort Hennie van Mierlo.

Preoperative planning with Vesalius3D explained to students of the VCMS, Maastricht

The Vereniging Chirurgie voor Medisch Studenten in Maastricht organized an event in which preoperative planning with 3D imaging was explained to their members. In 2 different sessions 50 students were shown how Vesalius3D is used in practice and were explained by a very experienced surgeon why 3D imaging can be of vital importance.

Thank you Dr. Natour and Dr. Peyman for your contribution.

Vesalius3D at the Young@Heart event 2018, Utrecht

A presentation of Vesalius3D was given at the Young@Heart event in the historical building of the Spoorwegmuseum in Utrecht.

Vesalius3D being used in LITA harvesting procedure, Japan

A great video from one of our Japanese users using a harmonic knife for LITA harvesting in Vesalius3D and in the OR.

Vesalius3D at the MITACS conference, Maastricht

Vesalius3D was at the Minimally Invasive Techniques in Adult Cardiac Surgery (MITACS) course (26-28 June 2018, Maastricht). Vesalius3D was used during presentations for 3D reconstruction, 3D printing and simulation for mitral valve repair. See program.

Vesalius3D at the Concor conference in Tuschinski, Amsterdam

Concor conference in Tuschinski Amsterdam success; Vesalius3D show was well received by the audience of patients and experts.

Vesalius3D well received in Japan

Vesalius3D also well received abroad. A quote from a happy Japanese customer:

” Dear Mr.

Owing to your support, the first VR seminar went successful last Saturday.

What was so impressive was, junior residents were getting used to it pretty fast. By the end of the day, they started learning by themselves! (young generations are incredible)

I was very encouraged that Vesalius3D is a quite fascinating tool for the medical education.

Thank you very much. ”

Vesalius3D used in scientific research

Vesalius3Din the ITEA project 3D Pathology.Read more Vesalius3Dwas also used in a research project on Patient-Specific Topographic Anatomy of the Deep Circumflex Iliac Artery Flap: Comparing Standard and Modified Computed Tomographic Angiography.Read more

Vesalius3D in the spotlight

Vesalius3D was in the spotlight during the EVC 3D event.

Together with Prof. Jacobs we had a great performance.

New Vesalius3D movies on YouTube

The videos below were part of our demonstrationmovie at the CSI 2017 congress in Frankfurt.

A video showing a myxoma in the left atrium. Also giving a clear view on the mitral valve.

A video showing the internal trauma caused by a motorcycle accident.

A video showing calcifications on the aortic valve and in the coronary arteries.

A video showing a coarctatio of the aortic arch.

A video showing a rupture in the aortic arch.

A video showing a dissection of the aortic arch.

A video showing abscesses around the aortic root. Also a clear view on the artificial aortic valve is given.

The videos below were part of a stereoscopic 3D movie used in a presentation during the EVC 2017 congress in Maastricht.

This video was used in a case about an aneurysm in the right renal artery.

This video was used in a case about a reoperation on the aorta.

This video was used in a case about an abdominal aortic aneurysm.

This video was used in a case about venous insufficiency in the left leg.

PS-Medtech supports inaugural symposium of Prof. Dr. Steven Chamuleau

On March 10, 2017 Steven Chamuleau gave his inaugural speech in the historic academy builiding in Utrecht, website.

In the symposium, prior to the inaugural speech, Dr. Folkert Meijboom, Child cardiologist at the UMC Utrecht, showed the value of 3D imaging for several complex hart diseases.

The 3D Interactieve imaging was presented using PS-Medtechs C-Station™ using Vesalius3D, projected on a large 3D screen.

By using 3D glassess the audience was introduced to the power of 3D and got an ‘insight’ in the complexities of the human heart.

PS-Medtech develops the 3D Video Collaboration Suite for medical images

February 2 2016

Imagine you are in Amsterdam, analysing the CT scan of a patient in your C-Station™. The scan is not clear enough and you still have some doubts. One of your colleagues works in New York. You call him, he logs in the PS-Medtech platform and accesses the same information you are working with. You two interact, move, modify and edit the dataset at the same time, discussing the most important aspects of the scan. Imagine that after a nice discussion you perfectly diagnose the disease and you are able to design the best treatment for the patient. And all without any medical data transfer.

We want to shift from your imagination to real life. The PS-Medtech team aims to bring the 3D Video Collaboration between C-Stations™ to hospitals all around the world.

We are working together with Mainport and Huawei to make the 3D Video Collaboration a big step in collaboration between hospitals.

The 3D Video Collaboration between C-Stations™ aims to remove the barriers doctors have when sharing knowledge and discussing use cases between hospitals.

These are the main advantages of 3D Video Collaboration:

  • There is no medical data transfer during the collaboration. Patient’s confidential information remains on site.
  • Efficient, real time and interactive collaboration.
  • Better decisions are reached faster due to collaboration between professionals.

The 3D Video Collaboration Suite will be showcased in the upcoming conferences:

Learn more about the 3D workstation C-Station™ at our website.

Workshop on the use of 3D technology for preoperative planning

January 25 2016


Using Vesalius3D software, CT, MR and Ultrasound images can be transferred to workstations, allowing 3D visualization and interaction with all vascular structures and planning of open and endovascular procedures in a hyper accurate way. PS-Medtech will run a workshop in which participants will experience the exploitation of 2D, 3D and 4D medical data. The participants are invited to hold the scanned data in their own hands and, by using the award winning 3D workstation C-Station™, they will experience how to reach a better decision faster and truly understand and share the data.

During the workshop:

  • CT scans and MRIs of the aortic arch with difficult pathologies including aneurysms and coarctatios will be used.
  • The ease of showing and analysing complex anatomy will be demonstrated.
  • The correlation between 2D images to the exact location of 3D structures will be shown.
  • An extraction of a complex area of the vascular structure will be performed. The power of this functionality in combination with volumetric visualizations will be demonstrated.
  • The complexity of the anatomy will be extracted through several methods.
  • Aneurysms will be visualized from both the inside and the outside of the vessel.
  • Preoperative and postoperative data of endovascular stent grafts will be showed.
  • An extraction of a region of interest for later 3D printing will be performed.


Training unit 14 during the European Vascular Course (EVC) 2016, which this year will take place in Maastricht, The Netherlands.


Between March 6th and March 8th. The times for the workshops are the following:
  • Sunday: 11h00-13h00 and 16h00-17h30.
  • Monday: 11h00-13h00 and 16h00-17h30.
  • Tuesday: 11h00-13h00.


Registrations for the workshops are open:
  • On-line registration: send an email to
  • On-site registration: Brigthlands booth.
We hope to see you on the EVC 2016!

How Vesalius3D can assist you with your planning

November 2 2015

Planning a procedure is important and can be difficult, but the evolution of technology makes this work easier for medical professionals. Current tools have clear limitations that result in doctors having to reconstruct the 2D images acquired by CT, MR and other devices, in their minds.

Vesalius3D assists our users by reconstructing in 3D the 2D images acquired by hospital devices. It is constantly being improved. We stay in close contact with our users in hospitals, who provide vital feedback on their needs. One example is planning a lung lobectomy, for which they want to use Vesalius3D.

Below is an example of visualization used during planning.


Vesalius3D assists medical professionals with their planning:

  • Vesalius3D shows clearly the relation of the tumor with the skeleton. This is used to identify where to place the instruments for a minimally invasive procedure.
  • Vesalius3D is used to see where anatomical structures are located around the tumor, for instance arteries, veins and the bronchus.
  • Vesalius3D is used to measure distances, angles and volumes between the relevant anatomical structures around the tumor.

The video below shows the typical steps using Vesalius3D.

We are available for demos in our offices in Amsterdam and Maastricht.

For further information, please contact us at