• Complete tool for visualization, analysis and optimization of complex medical data.
  • Two handed interaction
  • Complete with Vesalius3D, the toolkit for intuitive 3D medical image analysis and presentation
  • Connectable to create a shared workspace a continent apart
  • Interaction where the visualization is optimal
  • Optimized viewing zone of a 3D display
  • Unobstructed view while touching the data

A different workstation – the PSS™

The Personal Space Station (PSS) is a complete desktop virtual reality system for easy and intuitive analysis of 3D and 4D (3D + time) data.

It is the bigger brother of the C-Station. Although it is primarily intended for single users, two people can sit comfortably behind the PSS and interact with the data.

The PSS has all components integrated in the system with a beautiful design.

We believe the PSS will help you to see more, see better, show and discuss results and collaborate over great distances.