Auditorium Solutions

Interactive Presentation

A picture is worth a thousand words meaning that a complex problem can be better explained by using images. It also describes the main goal of visualization, making it possible to understand large amounts of data quickly. A 3D volumetric image tells an even bigger story, it shows the complete dataset inside and out.

Active and passive user

There is a difference between passive users of 3D images and active users of 3D images. It is not always necessary for an audience to have active interaction with the data.

Active users interact with the data and for them the C-Station and PSS were developed. Passive users however do not need to interact and are perfectly happy with viewing the 3D data that are presented to them.

The C-Station is a single user interactive workstation. The PSS™ fits two users comfortably. To accommodate additional viewers, external displays or projector systems can be attached to both set-ups.

The set-up of a C-station/PSS with an external screen attached combines the direct intuitive interaction of the active user (the presenter) with the passive viewing of the audience.

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