3D Workstations

A different kind of 3D workstation

PS-Medtech’s workstations were developed to create a true lifelike experience.They differ fundamentally from the current desktop workstations.Our workstations provides a turn key solution to deal with the challenge of analyzing volumetric medical data effectively and efficiently. We believe the C-station and VR PluraView will help you to see more, see better, show and discuss results and collaborate over great distances.

C-Station VR PluraView


  • You hold the data in one hand and with the other hand you peel, slice, measure or perform any other function that requires positioning of both the data (object) and the tool (e.g. slicer).
  • Complete with the application Vesalius3D for visualization, analysis and optimization of complex medical data
  • A true lifelike experience for effective and efficient analysis and discussion of 3D volumetric medical data.
It is possible to visually hold a pumping heart in your hands and analyze it inside and out, intuitively, faster and better? When needed, you can hand over the pumping heart to a colleague who can be a continent away and at the same time all your students can see what you are doing –live. The ultimate result is a better decision, in less time, resulting in lower costs.