Fast 3D printing of medical structures with Vesalius3D

The 3D printing module of Vesalius3D allows users to extract 3D printable structures from medical images fast. Any medical image modality (CT scan, MRI, Ultrasound,…) can be made into a 3D printable structure with Vesalius3D. The structures are extracted in a few minutes working with the application intuitively in 3D.


How to extract structures in Vesalius3D: the ACCEL procedure

  1. Analyse the data.
  2. Crop the area you want to 3D print.
  3. Clean the region of interest to remove the non-relevant data.
  4. Extract a surface model ready to be printed.
  5. Learn from the printed data.
Check out the process in the video.


The 3D prints of medical images are used for better understanding of patients’ anatomy, to enhance preoperative planning and for education.


Extracted structure of the aorta within the CT scan

Detailed view of the extracted structure

3D printed structure of the aorta

PS-Medtech offers two service models:

Do it on your own

The 3D printing module of Vesalius3D combines the 3D printing feature with all the features of the application. Customers can create unlimited .stl files of their medical images. Contact us for more information about this module of the software.

We make it for you

Customers are welcome to send us their medical files (DICOM, PACS, etc) or come to any of our offices to discuss their specific case. Following an explanation of customer’s requirements, PS-Medtech prints the medical structure(s) and sends the 3D print(s) to the customer. Send us an email at or call us at our office to arrange a meeting.

Extraction for 3D printing of a CT scan of a thorax, a 4D ecography and a cardiac MRI